Smart study with a practice-related content

Give your studies the right kick and
network with top companies now

Take part in practice-oriented challenges and get the opportunity to find your thesis topic or internship, and prepare yourself for an optimal job entry.

Solve real challenges from top organizations

Companies develop online-challenges based on their current problems
Online Challenges
Unique Workshops
We prepare you optimally for the challenge with our unique workshops
You can use our Fit4PraxAPP to prove your ideas and provide innovative impulses
Creating Impulses by Online Challenges
Identifying the right counterpart
In this way, you will develop a network to top organizations - for your thesis, internship, or job entry
Become visible to your future employer today and find out which career path you would like to embark on at an early stage

Find your thesis topic in top organizations

Find your Thesis
The Fit4Prax APP offers you a variety of different Thesis topics of various organizations
Supporting with your University
We support you in coordinating the topic with your university chair and drive forward the approval
Creating the workflow with you
Fit4Prax manages the coordination between all parties involved and supports you in the design process of your Thesis
Use your practice-oriented Thesis to examine current problems and prove your know-how to organizations

Find your internship and start your job

Your online-challenges and thesis will increase your visibility towards organizations
Become visible towards organizations
Optimal decision for your job entry
Via online-challenges, you can get to know various areas of responsibility early and make an optimal decision for your job entry
Set the course for your career start now
Rocketman as Students start in career
Register today and benefit from the growing network of Fit4Prax

Your benefits with Fit4Prax


Online Challenges improve Students skills

Solve tricky challenges

Innovation with knowledge transfer

Sharing knowledge between organizations and students

Apply your ideas for tomorrow today

Network & Visibility

Make you visible

Draw attention to yourself early on

Find your employer

Find your employer

Find the employer who suits you best

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